The Beginning of the End of the Age of Liberalism – First Shot is by Christian Nationalism

The 19th century German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, advanced a concept of dialectics. Put simply, it explains the evolution of history, the documentation of Human Beings advancing toward God through time. Hegel was building on Fredrich Schleiermacher’s previous work.  Essentially, Hegel was introducing the method by which Western Eras advanced – how the AgeContinue reading “The Beginning of the End of the Age of Liberalism – First Shot is by Christian Nationalism”

In Honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

When I was eight years old, my stepfather hit my mother. She grabbed a butcher knife and chased him to their bedroom door. He was ahead of her and slammed and locked the door before she caught up to him. She shouted through the door. “You bastard, I’ll cut your throat while you sleep.” HeContinue reading “In Honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

Sin & Evil – Maybe What They Told You Was Wrong

Originally the Bible was written in Greek. It was then translated into Hebrew for the Old Testament and into Latin for the New Testament. The Greek used was actually an international Greek different than Classical Greek. I call this vendor Greek like vendor English, a close replica of the original language but without the nuancesContinue reading “Sin & Evil – Maybe What They Told You Was Wrong”

But, Jesus Did Say Something About Queers!

Today I will continue the theme of Jesus being supportive of gays and lesbians and transgenders. I will also discuss that people need to take the Bible a little less as the word of God and a little more as stories of our heritage. You may want to have your Bibles out for this one.Continue reading “But, Jesus Did Say Something About Queers!”